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Public safety solutions

We give you the freedom to stay connected no matter where your job takes you.

We know that you’re committed to helping others. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the tools and technology to help you work smarter.
Galaxy S10 with DeX for public safety
Seamlessly work from vehicle to field to station

Empower your personnel to switch from a laptop experience inside their vehicle, to secure handheld data access in the field, to a desktop experience back at the station with the Galaxy S10 and DeX.

DeX in Vehicle solution

With DeX, the transition from a desktop experience inside the patrol car to accessing secure data in real-time while on the move, outside the vehicle, and then back in the station, is seamless.

CJIS readiness

Samsung Knox helps to ensure CJIS readiness by providing top-level security to your device, meaning only the right people can access your files. Plus, the new Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID lets you rest assured that your device is safe.

Power through your shift

Your shift can last long hours, and the Galaxy S10 can power through thanks to an upgraded battery and power sharing.

Built for public safety. Tailored to you.

No matter where your agency is on the technology curve, we’ve got a solution that can take your team to the next level.

Defense-grade security for public safety

Samsung Knox is our defense-grade mobile security platform that protects your phone from the chip up, with five layers of security. Built from the hardware to the application layer for easy manageability, Knox keeps hackers out and data safe.

Any public safety environment. Every time.

Every situation is different. That’s why we designed our digital tools to work effortlessly in every public safety environment.

Solutions for Law Enforcement

See how Samsung is empowering officers with the latest mobile technology to stay connected and informed.

Solutions for Fire/EMS

See how Samsung is giving firefighters and paramedics the tools they need to improve emergency response outcomes.

Firefighter and EMS technology

Keeping your fire department team connected when it matters most.

When it comes to emergency situations, staying connected and informed can often mean the difference between life and death. Samsung’s next-generation mobile communication tools were built to give firefighters and paramedics the critical data they need—when they need it.

Improving efficiency for fire departments

Whether you’re performing a routine building inspection or responding to a four-alarm fire, mobile access to real-time data means your team stays informed and efficient. From instant access to HAZMAT data, building schematics and GIS information to the ability to document and file reports at the touch of a button, the right mobile tools mean the right response—every time.

Improving patient outcomes for EMS

When people’s lives are at stake, access to information is as critical as having the right equipment in your vehicle. Whether it’s allowing paramedics to instantly access health records and share EKGs with hospitals or the ability to video-stream with doctors for real-time collaboration on patient care, the right mobile tools make for smarter decisions and better patient outcomes.

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