Display Signage


Deliver compelling images and information

Market trends

Today’s trends in the QSR industry are causing a fundamental change

Tech runs wild

Technologies are changing the industry from
ordering to pick-up to delivery. Drive-thru and
curbside pick-up continue to spread.

The need for speed

Diners are busier than ever. Speed and
convenience will still reign supreme in 2018
and thereafter.

Hybrid / Veggies / Helath

Today’s consumers care about
health. While diversifying, a range of menu
items should be presented timely and

It's all about the show

Restaurants are expected to infuse their
service with even more technology, both in
ordering and for pure entertainment.
* Source: QSR Magazine, 2017/2018

Displays solutions are a key driver for accelerating QSR's modernization and digitalization

QSRs need to improve how to present and highlight their menu and services to stand out from the competition as well as create an enriching customer experience. Digital displays can meet these requirements with vivid imagery and accurate information.

Increase speed and accuracy

Maximize profits

Develop premium brand image

What Intellope con Samsung offers

Whether the signage is used indoors or outdoors, consumer facing or employee facing, digital signage makes an impressive statement, commanding attention from consumers and competitors alike. Samsung has used its knowledge and technology to reinvent the fast-food industry.

Deliver clear and precise information

Outdoor digital menu board must be able to withstand different harsh conditions ranging from high temperatures to even vandalism. Samsung's QSR display solutions are capable of presenting vibrant imagery and clear information at all times.
Entice customers with highlighted menu items

Digital menu board must not only have clear and crisp content but should also be up-to-date. Samsung provides room-enhancing displays to any QSR with its non-glare, high bright and contrast panel.
Accelerate the ordering and checkout process

Through Samsung interactive display's capacitive touch technology and a user friendly design, QSR customers can easily make orders instead of waiting in line, with little engagement required with the staff.
Manage digital signage and content with Samsung’s tech solutions

Even whether delivering the same contents at the same time or customizing depending on stores, Samsung's intuitive management solutions provide QSRs with full and easy control.
Capture customer's attention with compelling imagery

Large digital displays presenting customers with menus are the focus of any QSR, helping create a high-end dining experience. Not only delivering information to waiting customers, QSRs can increase sales by encouraging purchases with Samsung's attraction displays.
Improve collaboration and productivity among crew

Samsung's office displays solutions can create new opportunities for QSRs by enabling work spaces where team members can participate and share ideas regardless of their location in the room.

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