An Integrated Hospitality Management Solution

What is MagicINFO?

MagicINFO is the industry leading platform to offer seamless remote hardware and software management, enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules from any location at any time.

Display, Content Management and Analysis Solution for Digital Signage

MagicINFO supports more effective organizational management, expanded remote management and even data analytics. Regardless of how many digital displays you need to handle, it all becomes easier to manage now through the streamlined and centralized capabilities of MagicINFO. A network-based solution that brings everything together into a simplified format, plus gives you complete management and oversight of your content deployments. In addition, it improves previously complex content authoring, management and playability and processes, and channels all that functionality into a basic routine that allows businesses to engage customers faster and with less effort.

Create compelling content for consumers

MagicINFO Author allows users to configure the layout and resolution of content based on specific business needs. Author supports landscape and portrait layouts as well as formal and informal video wall setups. Users can design content from a variety of supported templates and clip art, even adding widgets or QR codes for additional customer engagement. Users can also organize content using a timeline or layers to capture customer attention. As the use of web content for digital displays continues to increase, MagicINFO Author also allows for easy uploading directly from zip files or even the source folder itself.

Organize and schedule content with ease

MagicINFO Server is a central component of the solution, streamlining content and device management. The Server allows users to upload, organize and build playlists from various content types. It enables scheduling to specifically tagged displays or content with an easy drag-and-drop interface. The Server also allows content to be distributed to various display types, reducing potential publishing interruptions and monitors all content and devices on a single dashboard. Users are alerted of any errors in real-time via email and mobile notifications. Supporting both remote hardware and content management, MagicINFO serves as a virtual “remote control,” permitting content managers to change display properties from anywhere.

Powerful playback functionality

MagicINFO Player’s powerful playback functionality offers new possibilities to engage and inform customers, providing advanced visual performance and showcasing content in 8K quality. The super-charged visual power also maximizes seamless playback preventing any lag or streaming delay, while also eliminating black screens or gaps as content transitions. Whether in portrait or landscape layout, the Player can deliver up to three simultaneous FHD quality videos from multiple sources, allowing for more diverse and captivating storytelling. The S Player embedded in the signage eliminates the need for an additional external media player or other unnecessary equipment, saving valuable space and maintenance costs for users.

Data-driven analytics for optimal Ad displays

MagicINFO Analytics, powered by Brightics AI, allows users to optimize store promotions and campaigns based on real-time integrated data. Marketers can create custom rules and automate promotions to display the most relevant content to customers every time. MagicINFO Analytics also provides a dashboard which delivers meaningful performance reports including sales trend analysis based on time of day, date and weather as well as individual ad performance and funnel reports. The MagicINFO Analytics platform allows retail managers and marketers to better understand promotion results, thereby facilitating future marketing campaigns.

Data-driven analytics for optimal ad displays

MagicINFO Analytics achieves context-aware and personalized marketing with the help of data collected through IoT sensors and legacy data. First, Behavior Sensing analyzes store traffic with sensors at all entrances and obtains a basis for customer behavior analysis. Then, Brightics AI supports all-in-one analysis ranging from data collection, analysis, visualization, and enables easy data analysis and modeling. Rule Manager provides a differentiated digital experience by optimizing advertisements according to diverse external data and performance reports.

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