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Smart working

Empower your employees to work from home

Like you, we are closely following COVID-19. Enabling a remote workforce is one way to help keep employees, communities and customers safe. Well over half of our global team works remotely, so we can offer you the know-how to implement your own flexible digital workplace.

Protection problem

40% more cyberattacks expected to target remote workers.

Connectivity problems

This sudden influx of employees working from home puts a huge strain on the internet, most people are likely to face connectivity issues.

Network problems

Because of the way tech companies work, there is an incessant need for securing data. Both internal and external data. This means certain internal applications are modified to work only on the office WiFi.

Device management

Shifting from a cubicle to a home environment is easier said than done. This means employees with a desktop are now in need of a laptop. It also puts a dent on the companies’ resources and IT infrastructure.

Remote work

We recognize the vital role that our technology plays in supporting people and organizations each day, today and in the long term. As such, we’ve put together initial solution to help you enable remote work, so your employees have access to the tools, resources, and expertise they need in this challenging time.

Making remote working secure

Cybercriminals recognize that attacking home users is much easier as they are typically less secured outside their office, where security policies and measures are enforced. The risk of losing important data or being compromised becomes much greater at home. That is why every remote worker should be prepared to secure his remote workspace.

Secure Windows Virtual Desktop

A remote desktop is an essential piece of the IT toolkit. It helps the team remotely access an employee’s device, whether there’s an issue to be solved or an app needs to be installed. Having a remote desktop tool ensures that there is a seamless channel between the department and the employees’ devices.

Cloud solution

Provides office and mobile users with safe file access, sync, and share in an easy-to-use, complete, and secure hosted cloud solution. It also delivers a level of integrated security that is required in the modern digital world – helping service providers to ensure their clients retain control and protect their data, even when on employee devices.

Internal Communication

The most important thing an team can do is to constantly keep in touch with their co-workers. This not only helps solve any potential issues that arise, it also provides the right sort of an environment for employees to fall back on. Knowing that you are always on the other end can go a long way in reassuring your teammates.

Virtual Communication

While seeing the green dot, indicating online availability, next to your teammates’ names can put you at ease, nothing can be more reassuring than having a face-to-face conversation. However, in these socially distant times, we can be content with a virtual tète-â-tète.

User Identity Management

Another important aspect of securing your corporate network and data is managing user profiles within the organization. Technology companies of today have evolved to the extent where an employee is given a single ID, that acts as the key to unlock any application or collateral used by the company.

IT infrastructure monitoring

When all your employees are working from home, it becomes doubly important to keep your data centres, infrastructure systems up and running to ensure a smooth transition. It is imperative to invest in a tool that will keep your servers up without significant downtime, provide warnings to prevent a data overload and also monitor your entire IT infrastructure.

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