Smart Thermo Gatekeeper

A smart thermo gatekeeper that manages the entry into the building considering the skin temperature and maximum number of people inside.

We are introducing a great helper for all owners of various types of enterprises, office buildings, and commercial spaces.

AgeVolt Thermo measures the indicative temperature by the grid-eye sensor and thus prevents from entering people with fever.
The system has an auto-calibrating mode to compare temperature between actual measurement and average of last measurements, so it is able to adapt to new weather conditions.

Measuring takes 3 – 6sec depending on the speed of temperature consolidation.

The measuring device is able to measure the person standing 20 – 40 cm from the device with face height +-20 cm from the measuring device. When the measured temperature is significantly higher than average, the system detects fever.

intellope thermal
Besides body temperature, it can watch and optimise a number of people inside thanks to the option of connecting external infrared or laser barriers.
Plug&Play solution without the need for a large intervention in the object, just plug it into a socket.
Possibility of API communication with other systems of the object

System components

Central unit

plug&play box 240x190x90mm with the power connector, LAN connector and possibility to connect up to 32 Measuring devices with 2wire cable connected via RJ-11 connector in 500 meters distance. Four IR or laser barriers and two doors can be directly connected to this central unit. After connecting to the LAN, the device can be managed via its IP address and there is also the information page of actual status for the public that can be displayed on an external IP monitor. We provide also the international power supply plug and 10meters LAN cable to the central unit.

Measuring device

wallbox 50x100x20mm connectable with the RJ-11 connector to the Central unit. The device contains green, yellow and red LED lights, buzzer, button for calibrating and surface temperature measuring sensor. We provide also 10m cable with connectors to immediate connection to the central unit, sticky instructions and sticky footsteps. The device can be mounted on the wall by two screws or included double-sided tape.