In 2018, Intellope developed an application that allows to speed up the registration process of people in disasters or emergency situations

One of its essential functions is controlling and monitoring affected people during emergency situations. The app called QREG (Quick Registration) is unique, creative and an innovative solution, that runs on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. 

Consisting of several modules QREG has various options that allows data, information and its attributes to be entered, imported, stored, exported and visualised online. 

The app features an interactive and easy to navigate interface. In addition to application development, Intellope also offers services like support, maintenance and integration of custom-built modules.

Utilizing our experience and success in the industry, Intellope would provide you outstanding IT outsourcing services, with the use of proven processes and methods. 

Furthermore, Intellope offers IT outsourcing services “on site” including implementation of special techniques at heavy-duty conditions. 

This consists of monitoring alerts, providing technical support and coordination by trained IT experts sent to the field.

QREG has been successfully implemented in the EU Rescue modules including the EURACARE Flight & Shelter and ETC modules

The EURACARE Flight & Shelter provides the capacity to register, shelter, treat and evacuate people from affected areas. 

Thanks to QREG we can provide assistance to consular and local authorities on their requests, or e.g. logistical support for partner organisations on site.