10 Reasons why Businesses Should Now go for Digital Signage vs Traditional Signage

Signage has been playing a huge role in the marketing gimmicks by brands throughout the world. They also play a very important part in communicating information through signs like the ones we see on the roadside while driving. Print media has been greatly used in traditional signage BUT there is always something better that can be chosen.

With the advent of digital signage, the way things are now communicated to audiences has changed for the better. There is always a reluctance to change the age-old ways of doing things. With digital signage in the market for quite some time now, we still see a lot of businesses going for traditional modes like brochures, pamphlets or huge billboards.

1. They are easy to edit and update

Digital signage completely eliminate the manual process that has to be followed in case of updates in traditional signage. You need to get brochures or pamphlets re-designed and printed again. This part is removed with digital signage. Simply upload your updated design with a signage software and schedule it as per the time and day you wish to show it.

Digital signage are versatile and can be used for multiple businesses. If you are a restaurant, display your offers of the day and regular menu. If you are a retail store, promote your discounts on clearance stock or fresh arrivals. If you are a health care center, display ways patients can take care and things they should avoid in times of pandemic like COVID-19.

Any industry that feels a need to communicate with the audience in a smart way can put digital signage to good use due to the fact that they are easy to manage.

2. They are One time investment

Unlike the print media that needs to be printed everytime or freshly printed in case of new offers or promotions, digital signage simply need you to upload the new design as you please and circulate it throughout all your screens.

The only major investment that you need to make for digital signage is at the start and they can last for years. With the multiple ways that they can be used, they soon give a profitable ROI and help you save a lot of time as well. The best part is that content on these screens can be updated from anywhere through a smart software . One need not be physically present to make updates to each screen.

3. More eye-catchy compared to traditional signage

Digital signage are like TV screens. They keep your audience hooked. Digital signage have a recalling ability of 83% which is huge and much more compared to that of traditional signs.

Traditional signage are static and hence do not offer that much of a visual appeal. On the other hand, digital signage can be used to play video ads with added music that tends to grab more attention of passersby or viewers. The kind of content played on the screen plays a very important role however the way it is shown is also equally essential and this part is taken care of by digital signage

4. Reduces effort of staff and saves cost

With brochures and pamphlets, firstly you need to get them designed and then you need to get them printed. Then you need to get them circulated. This is not a one man job. Multiple resources need to be put to use here that takes on their time and effort both.

With digital signage, it’s a one man job. The designs simply need to be uploaded and pushed to the respective devices where they are to be shown. The entire process takes only a few minutes and you are good to go. Thus your creative staff can be put to a better use with digital signage.

Talking about the costs, every printing calls for a recurring cost. This does not happen with digital signage. Most of the designs that are used in digital screens are stored in the software itself so they can be used later as well if needed.

5. Help connect with audience through Social Media feeds

Social Media platforms is undoubtedly one of the most popular modes of connecting with your audience. They also help you reach your target users on a more personalised level.

With digital signage, one can display their social media feeds of Instagram. This indirectly helps your brand to grab more followers on these platforms. Any new offer that you promote directly reaches them. By having engaging social media pages, customers look forward to your updates and indirectly act as your representatives when they market your offerings through word of mouth.

6. Sounds can be added to enhance the signage effect

Appealing advertisements with perfectly accompanied sounds can be a great way to get the attention of passersby as well as your customers. While traditional signage do not offer the ability to add sounds to your posters, digital signage do.

Sounds tend to have a recall effect and this acts as an added advantage in your marketing campaigns. Every festival has a sound associated with it. Let’s say if you are planning to promote Christmas offers at your stores, having the sound of bells or Santa arriving can be a great way to get your customers into a festive mood.

The experience of users is taken to another level with this sought of marketing thus making you stand out among your competitors.

7. Give more appeal to your offers and promotions to grab more sales

Eye-catchy HTML effects to your digital signs showcasing promotions can turn out to be a good way to highlight specific areas of your screen. If you are offering 50% discount on all store items, the section having ‘50% discount’ on digital screens can be highlighted with an HTML effect or with a different color such that users tend to look at the section faster.

This kind of marketing cannot be done with traditional signage. With a lot of interactive digital signage available in the market, an immediate call to action can be seeked from your customers such that they can place orders from your signage directly. Any particular offer that grabs more clicks or orders can be circulated once a quarter to improve your sales figures.

8. Prompt discounts or offers can be circulated easily

If you are a retail store running a last end of season day sale, you can add one more offer to it promptly announcing free goodies or coupons through digital signage almost promptly. This can be done during a rush hour. By doing so, you can see how fast customers might decide to benefit from this offer. It also induces impulsive and unplanned purchases.

If you are a restaurant who is planning to offer free brownies on order above a specific amount, simply display the offer quickly on screens and prompt your customers to increase their order value. The best part about circulating prompt discounts with digital signage is that it helps you grab more orders and sales in no time.

9. They help improve customer experience

Delivering a memorable customer experience should be an utmost priority for any business since it defines the image of your brand in their minds. With digital signage, a great customer experience is guaranteed.

If you are a retail store, there are chances that you have a lot of customers to attend to during rush hours. Your staff can try to attend each of them but it can be tricky to reach out to everyone. By having digital signage that display your catalogue along with every details of your products, it becomes easy for customers to navigate and get answers to queries they might have.

Restaurants can display digital menu boards so diners need not wait for the staff to get the menu and then place orders. By doing so, an improved customer experience is delivered saving time and effort of both your customers as well as your staff.

10. They can be used for multiple purposes

Digital signage can be used to display your product catalogues, current promotions/discounts, scheduled events or emergencies as well.

A single screen can be put to multiple use with every section being timed and displayed accordingly. With multi-zoning features on the screen, different sections can be put to good use to display a variety of content on each screen. 

Weather updates or forecasts can be displayed below to keep customers aware of the situation, a major section can be given to offers and promotions, another section can be used to display products. The possibilities are endless. In case of any emergency situation like a fire, customers can be immediately prompted on the situation and asked to go through a safety exit.

With all the above listed reasons, it’s safe to say that digital signage are way better compared to traditional signage. Reach us out if you are looking for a smart digital signage software solution or have any queries regarding digital signage at [email protected]

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