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Fast food restaurants: Profit from your menu boards!

In the previous article, we discussed the psychology behind the visual content. This time, let’s turn theory into practise. In this post we would like to look closer to menu boards in fast food restaurants. There are some tips and tricks that can eventually increase sales. Without further ado and in no particular order, we would like to provide you with our favourites!

$7 or $6.89?

The theory goes like this. Since we read from left to right, we tend to see the first digit and ignore the .79/ .89/ .99  portion of the price. But does it still work? With most restaurant sales being done with credit cards these days, consumers aren’t worried if they have enough cash on hand. Decimals tend to roll costumers’ eyes nowadays. This time consider aesthetics. Drop the decimals and make your menu board cleaner and decision-making process quicker.

Brightness and ambience

The character and atmosphere of the room is key when trying to match your menu board. Intuitively, relaxing environment requires turning down the brightness of your displays. On the flip side, menu board located outdoors requires adjusting the brightness to maximum. The brightest setting possible equals to drawing more power. A creative way to use less power is to use white text on a black background. In this scenario, the menu can be adjusted to maximum brightness and still save power.

Swiping and jiggling menu boards?

Better don’t. It can be fun to design menu board that swipe, jiggle, animate, etc. When someone is trying to decide what to order and in the middle of their decision-making process, the screen moves and the information is no longer present – it becomes very annoying. The simple equation is applied. The longer it takes people to order, the slower you’re making money.

From confusion to higher sales

What’s the connection between them? Upselling is a sales strategy used to convince customers to buy more products. How to achieve that? Simply by confusing them. Confusion makes them ask questions naturally. A great cashier behind the counter, who’s been trained to nudge customers can do wonders! Make your menu board confusing intentionally. Have a section called “ask for a combo!”. Use a mouth-watering photo of a combo meal. In this case, the call-to-action doesn’t list what’s in a combo, which leads customers to ask the cashier for more information and the potential for an upsell can occur. Generally, combination meals increase the average order value.

Let audio be your secret weapon

Why? Simply because you can’t “unhear” something. With a menu, eyeballs can dart around all over the place avoiding your most profitable items and combos. However, if a narrator announces, “How does a big juicy cheeseburger combo meal sound right about now?”, well that will surely get your customers’ attention.

Let’s not offer everything under the sun

An interesting study was conducted right outside an upscale grocery store in Menlo Park, California several years ago. The study offered different samples of jam to shoppers and during the test when there were more jam samples offered, sales decreased.

This experiment leads us into consideration of reduction of items you offer. Even though this can be a real headache for many restaurant owners. If you offer, let’s say 50+ menu items, chances that you’ll be amazing at making all of those items are low. You’ll be offering a lot of mediocrity. Customers will make decisions quicker, there will be less friction at the counter, lines will move faster, employees will be happy, sales will boost. Just keep it simple and run a test. It may improve your business substantially!

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