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Cheat sheet for boosting your digital signage content

Digital Signage Displays are incredible tools that have been attracting immense focus in the marketing world to skyrocket user engagement and communication. Keeping that in mind we are sharing the best ideas that will give your business an edge over your competitors.

Promote a Sale or Special

While customers will appreciate your values, they also love value. If you’ve got a discounted service or product, share on your digital signage. Customers who are presented with a special and the point of purchase are more likely to take action.

Motivational Quotes

Spreading positivity and inspiration is always a welcomed idea.  Displaying motivational quotes as digital signage content can help you boost the morale of your employees in offices, students in educational institutions, and trainees in a gym. This can be changed daily or weekly and is an easy way to bring positivity into your space.

Interesting Facts

Keep your audience on their toes by presenting new facts which will foster creative leaps and help generate new ideas.

QR Codes

Embed a QR code in your messages to prompt action from viewers – whether it’s sending them to a website, a survey, or to download a promotion. QR codes help track the ROI on your messages as you can see how many visitors responded to the message.

Map of the Facility

Displaying the map of your facility on the digital signage screen will help your customers to have a hassle-free experience at your venue. It is a great alternative to traditional printed maps and provides easy accessibility with a 3D display of the maps.

Customer Testimonials

Word-of-mouth marketing adds to the reliability and credibility of the brand. It helps the brand to display the authenticity of its products and deliver the most trustworthy marketing content to its customers. For bonus points, add photos of individuals (if possible) to show these are sincere and verified quotes.


Answer your most common questions in an easy to read format and showcase it for all to see. This could address topics such as payment terms, security concerns, or where your products are produced.

Question of the Week

You may already have a FAQ section on your site, but why not expand it into a longer form answer? These could be questions about your product or service, or more general ones related to your industry.

Introduce Your Staff

Digital signage doesn’t just have to be about sales oriented – you can also use it to build deeper relationships with your customers. And one of the best ways to do that is to introduce them to your staff. Also, displaying team photos on digital signage screens helps the organization to display the enthusiasm of its employees and its work culture in an attractive way.

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