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Dangerous Web browser extensions that you need to remove immediately

Major security issues have been discovered with Web browser extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome. These browser extensions are harvesting your data therefore you should remove them immediately in order to prevent this.

These Web Browser extensions are collecting people personal data and selling it on to third party companies.

The extensions effected by this vulnerability are available for both Google Chrome and Firefox as well as Chromium-based Web Browsers such as Opera and Yandex.

If these extensions are installed onto your Web browser then they will be able to access your data, no matter which Operating System your using.

Effected Firefox extensions:

  • Helper
  • FairShare Unlock
  • SuperZoom

Effected Chrome extensions:

  • FairShare Unlock
  • SuperZoom
  • Hover Zoom
  • SpeakIt!
  • PanelMeasurement
  • Branded Surveys
  • Panel Community Surveys

So what types of data are these extensions collecting?
If any of the above extensions are installed onto your browser then they can collect personal information such as Usernames, Passwords, Credit card information, Gender, Personal interests, GPS location, Tax returns, Travel itineraries and Genetic profiles.

If you install the extensions on a computer at your workplace, they can also collect information about your company such as company memos, firewall access codes, API keys and much more.


Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the extensions you need to remove from your web browser or avoid downloading all together in order to protect your personal data.

It’s hard to believe just how much data these small extensions such as SpeakIt, are capable of stealing! FairShare Unlock alone is installed on more than one million browsers worldwide, so there are plenty of people who are at risk from this security vulnerability.

It’s also worthwhile checking whether your browser is syncing your extensions. If the sync feature is enabled in Google Chrome, your extensions may be mirrored between all the devices you use which could potentially lead to an infection spreading from your home computer to your work computer.

Thank you for reading. For more details on our products and services feel free to visit us at You may just find what you need to boot your business forward.

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