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From Eye-catching Digital Menu Boards to Higher Sales and Profits

Display signage or Digital menu boards pose a very useful tool in brand marketing when used properly. Thanks to digital menu boards, we’re able to communicate the product clearly, which can lead to stronger brand image and potentially it can reflect on increase in sales. Digital menu boards are saving costumers’ time and sellers’ money – by saving them from costs that are related to printed menus.

As we mentioned above, these tools must be used wisely. The well known “content over form” doesn’t apply here. The form is presenting some kind of visual identity of products.  We need to consider many aspects to make this tool work for you. In this article, we provide you with 10 useful tips and tricks that may help you at the very beginning.

Form that stands out

Let’s start from the basics – size, font and colour for text. First of all, we need to bear in mind that our digital menu board need to be readable from a distance. Hence, the size is critical. Our advice is to be creative with the sizes. Let´s not use the one size for a whole menu – such monotony won’t grab costumers’ attention. The picked font must be easy to read as well. Keep it simple and do not mix many styles together. Whether it’s images, text or background, avoid using high contrast and saturated colour combinations. These colours are hard to read and tire the eyes out fast.

When details matter

Your menu board visually symbolizes your brand or product through the text, colour scheme and overall theme of your design. Be picky about elements you choose to incorporate.

Role of the colour themes

Studies suggest that we tend to associate some meals with certain colours. A blueberry-flavoured product in an orange colour doesn’t work on the brain. Be careful when using bright colours. They connote pops of flavour—such as sweets and desserts. On the other hand, muted colours signify rich, deep and complex flavours.

Keep your content “in motion”

Have you ever considered upping your game by simply adding some mouth-watering animations to your digital menu boards? Not only are animated digital menu boards revolutionary, they are also attractive and creative. Static menus aren’t able to engage a customer as much as animated ones will. A steaming hot cup of coffee, or a juicy, dripping burger against static menus will do wonders for hungry tummies and thirsty mouths!

When less is more

Your digital menu board needs breathing room. Don’t pile up your boards with unnecessary images or information. Make minimalism a goal! The simpler the board is, the better and faster decisions are made.

Make costumers’ mouths water

Simply the sight of the food can make you hungry. Don’t underestimate the power of wisely chosen food images. Watch out for blurry and saturated food images – they can ultimately hurt the design.   Make sure that the images don’t get in the way of conveying the information on your menu.

Orientation and digital menu boards?

When setting up a digital menu board, you can choose to design and display your menu in either landscape or portrait. Determine which orientation is better suited to efficiently fit your menu content. Also factor in the area which your screen is being installed, as it may only work with a certain orientation. Take the screen orientation into consideration when choosing a screen.

Vertical display menu board display signage

Connect through content

Your primary intention is to connect with your target audience. The first contact is via the form, but don’t forget to talk to your customers via the content too.  Think about category headings/items/descriptions/prices differently this time.

Proper balance encourages eye movement

By avoiding clutter on one side and nothing-much-going-on on the other side of the menu, you can allow the customer to move through the menu efficiently and make the best buying decision.

When menu design works seamlessly…

There’s another important thing to consider – the size of digital menus. Proper sizing reflects the size of the ordering area and the length of a menu.

Piled up with information but don’t know where to start? We’re offering you a helping hand in the form of the “Cloud Magic Info Smart” platform. All you need to do is upload your menu and let us do the magic.

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