Tools to Analyse Laptop Battery Health

The laptop battery is an essential piece of hardware, yet we are often less informed about its health. Your Windows laptop will not give you much battery related information either as it just displays a small battery indicator it’s remaining time and percentage.

As time passes by you may begin to notice a few battery errors creeping in such as:

  • Battery not holding a charge as long
  • The charge level indicator showing fluctuating readings
  • An inaccurate discharge estimation

You will however be pleased to know that there are workarounds to these very common problems.

Below are some of the tools which can be used to check battery health in windows:

1. Powercfg command is a tool hidden in Windows which can be used to generate a precise battery history report.

To generate a battery report open Command Prompt and type in “powercfg /batteryreport”.

This command saves a battery report in HTML format into the following file path:


2. BatteryInfoView is a free app that is full of information relating to laptop’s battery. This application gives you complete battery information including your designated batteries Capacity, Fully Charged Capacity, Battery Health and Number of charge/discharge cycles along with so much more.

3. Smarter Battery is the only app that offers you a complete suite of tools to monitor battery health, perform calibration operations and save the battery performance data for your future reference.


Monitoring the battery health of your device is not a simple task as there are so many variables and factors to consider. With these tools you can at least monitor its health and take corrective measures to prolong your devices battery life.

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