Virus free and filled with Christmas cheer, Intellope Santa is making his magical journey!

The year 2020 has been a difficult test for the whole world. The IT industry, in which our Intellope works tirelessly to improve and develop to succeed, has not avoided being tested. The whole year‘s effort, dedication and hard work of employees and partners has not escaped the attention of Intellope Santa.

Dana and Martina – Santa’s helpers

It’s not a surprise that the above-mentioned Santa has a very close connection to our company. More specifically, it is our CEO Vasil Dzadik. Vasil gave Santa a list of addresses of 25 people in total to be gifted. Intellope’s partners the Samsung and Dell staff were also on the list of gifted people. „Our main goal was to honor all partners and employees who have been helping us change the world and make it a better place,“ revealed Vasil.

Vasil is writing a postcard

Intellope Santa has visited several countries, leaving gifts – products from Nestville company under strict hygiene measures. „We cooperate across the borders of various countries, so I thought it would be best to send everyone something from my home region, where the only Slovak whiskey is produced. In addition, Nestville also has its own chocolate factory, so there was plenty to choose from.” Intellope Santa didn’t forget about the classic, but nowadays more heartfelt wishes – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

So Intellope wishes you happy, cheerful and cyber-safe Christmas!

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