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What is Ransomware? A few Simple Tips to avoid it

Ransomware is one of the fastest growing cyber security threats in the world but first, let us see exactly what ransomware is?

Ransomware is a type of malware that upon infecting a device, blocks access to it or to some or all the information stored upon it. In order to unlock either the device or the data, the user is required to pay a ransom.

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. Millions of people go online every day, searching for new ways to work, communicate and belong.  Cyber criminals out there are analyzing online behavior of every-day users and looking for new opportunities to infect computers.

Now here are a few simple tips which will help you avoid Ransomware

Backup your data regularly

It is very important to back-up your data regularly using modern backup software. We would recommend Acronis backup solution for this as it has inbuilt real-time protection against ransomware called Acronis Active Protection. This innovative technology will detect and stop ransomware even when your anti-malware program is not able to.


Have an anti-virus solution in place

Anti-virus provides a valuable defense against malware infections however we advise you to choose your software very carefully as many free anti-virus programs don’t offer any protection against ransomware.

Keep your Operating system and software updates up to date

Hackers will often scan your operating system and software looking for vulnerabilities. Software updates are designed to introduce new features or patch up security holes abused by cyber criminals so it’s extremely important to keep your operating system and software updated.

Be careful with email attachments

If you receive email from a person you don’t know, try to avoid it or run it through an anti-virus program before opening it. As an additional security measure, you may opt to do the same with emails containing attachments which have been received from people you do know.

Make file extensions visible

Your operating system may hide file extensions by default in order to try and keep things simple. it’s highly recommended that you make file extensions visible as hackers may send you some files which you may open accidently. If you were to find JavaScript files on your computer, you are unlikely to require opening these unless you are a developer.


We hope that you now have a basic understanding of ransomware and realize that it is currently one of the fastest growing cyber security threats in the world. The above tips will be sure to help you avoid ransomware.

Our advice would be to use Acronis Active Protection in order to avoid ransomware. Even if ransomware somehow manages to get through your anti-virus software and start encrypting your files, Acronis Active Protection will detect the encryption and immediately block it.

Thank you for reading and for more details on our products and services please feel free to visit us at intellope.com. You may just find what you need to boot your business forward.

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