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What IT security least should your organization meet?

If you’re a small business owner or manager of a bigger company, you’re constantly bombarded with totally different demands or recommendations regarding what your business should or shouldn’t do. Like accounting system, attendance system or whole security system for monitoring cyber threats. However is this really necessary?

For example let’s take a companies that has from 1 to 250 devices.

If your company has up to 10 devices:

Small scale businesses which have less than 10 computers might not have good IT security specialist so there is high chance of cyber-attack so it’s highly recommended to have a good security software.

If your business has up to 25 devices:

In this case your company will for sure have 1-3 employees in IT team where someone will be looking after IT security, but still attackers will find a way to attack your business like for example, deceiving an accountant or accountants to pay a fake invoice or infect the business with ransomware that blocks all data. So the company also need good encryption software for encryption and two-factor authentication.

If your business has 26 to 250 devices:

In this case your company will for sure have 2-5 employees in IT team. This group of companies is very varied and its IT security minimum depends on many factors. For example, from the area in which it does business, what it gathers, whether it carries out its own research and so on. But it’s recommended to go through this e-book from eset to be more secure.

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