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Acronis improves detection of ransomware with the help of machine learning

With the new and improved Acronis Active Protection it is highly unlikely that ransomware would find a way past, however even if ransomware did get through your anti-virus and start to encrypt files, Acronis Active Protection will immediately detect the encryption and block it.

Why machine learning?

Machine learning is often associated with big data referring to the analysis of enormous volumes of data producing some actionable results. The larger the data then the better the result as machine learning is based on the amount of data and the algorithms chosen.

So how does Acronis machine learning work? The first step is a stack trace analysis. A stack trace is a report of the active stack frames at a certain point in time during the execution of a program. When a program is run, memory is often dynamically allocated in two places: the stack and the heap. Memory is contiguously allocated on a stack but not on a heap – as the term stack and the heap would indicate.

In simple terms, It is possible to detect code injections from ransomware using process stack trace analysis based on machine learning approach.

New level of anti-ransomware defense

With Machine Learning leading the way on all these technologies, it brings Acronis Active Protection to a whole new level, especially when it comes to zero-day threats. It creates a model of which processes are legitimate so even if bad guys find a new vulnerability or way to infiltrate the system, Machine Learning will detect the ransomware’s processes and put a stop to them.

Machine learning models can be used to analyze scripts and we are already working in this direction. NioGuard Security Lab performed a test that showed most anti-virus solutions are unable to detect a script-based attack.



Acronis Active Protection using machine learning, already performs much better compared to most other anti-malware solutions however, Acronis are aiming to make their anti-ransomware technologies even better.

As mentioned earlier, even if ransomware somehow manages to get through your anti-virus and starts to encrypt files, Acronis Active Protection will detect the encryption and immediately block it.

Thank you for reading and for more details on our products and services please feel free to visit us at intellope.com.

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