Buran: The New Dangerous Ransomware

Buran is an encryption virus that encrypts your files and prevents access to them. The Buran ransomware first was discovered by nao_sec (Cyber Security Research Team) in June 2019.

Buran Ransomware encrypts your files and displays a window with instructions on your computer screen. The ransomware authors want you to pay a ransom for the alleged restoration of your files. The main engine could make entries into the Windows Registry to achieve persistence and interfere with the processes in Windows.

You will be able to understand that a virus has infiltrated your system because Buran adds an extension .3674AD9F-5958-4F2A-5CB7-F0F56A8885EA. All files are labelled „BURAN“ which indicates a dangerous infection. Buran enters the system without knowledge and consent of users by displaying a message that requests a ransom. The extension of this virus is .3674AD9F-5958-4F2A-5CB7-F0F56A8885EA.

Now let us provide you with a few simple tips how to avoid Buran Ransomware: 

  • Backup your data regularly

It is very important to back up your data regularly using modern backup software which we would recommend as Acronis backup solution due to its inbuilt real-time protection against ransomware.

  • Have an anti-virus solution in place

Anti-virus provides a valuable defence against malware infections however be sure to choose your software carefully as many free anti-virus programs do not offer any protection against ransomware.

  • Keep your operating system and software updates up to date

Hackers will often scan your operating system and software looking for vulnerabilities.  Software updates are designed to introduce new features or patch up security holes abused by cyber criminals, so it is extremely important to keep your operating system and software updated with the latest updates.


Hopefully you now have a basic understanding of the latest ransomware Buran. In short Buran is an encryption virus that encrypts your files and demands a ransom fee to decrypt your files. There are simply no guarantees that your files will ever be recovered therefore you should not pay any ransom fee requested. By following the above simple tips, you can avoid this ransomware and the potential stress losing your files may cause.

Thank you for reading and for more details on our products and services please feel free to visit us at intellope.com. You may just find what you need to boot your business forward.


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