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Patrik Liscinsky

Aplikácia, ktorá má pomôcť nám všetkým

Intellope spoločne s partnermi už niekoľko mesiacov dôsledne pracuje, vyvíja a vylepšuje projekt mFIRES zameraný na pomoc a poskytovanie sociálnych služieb. 5. apríla (približne pol roka pred uvedením mobilnej aplikácie na trh) sa na Slovensku uskutočnila prvá online konferencia.

Vasil Dzadik

Why IT documentation and SOP are important

What happens when a team member is sick, takes vacation days, or—worst of all—quits abruptly? If the knowledge for serving a certain customer only exists in that employee’s head, customer will be left in the lurch in the event of an IT emergency.

EU Intellope Brusel QREG
Jakub Liscinsky

Intellope in Brussels

Intellope, namely represented by CEO Vasil Dzadik and Assistant Project Manager Jakub Liscinsky, have recently spent two days in Belgium’s fascinating capital, and the administrative capital of the EU, Brussels.

EU Qreg Intellope
Peter Rusinak

Euracare Flight & Shelter

Intellope has recently developed an application that allows you to speed up the registration process of people, in disasters or emergency situations.

Jakub Liscinsky

QREG Frankfurt

Già nei primi giorni del 2018 Intellope ha avuto un incredibile successo.

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Copyright © 2020 Intellope, s.r.o. | All rights reserved.

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