Is your Internet running slow on your Windows PC? Here are some tips which can speed it up

Suffering from a slow internet connection is an extremely frustrating problem that has us all wondering how we can speed up our internet performance at some point in our lives.

The first thing you should check for in this case is your connection speed. In order to do this, navigate to and click the go button to begin running a speed test for your device. After around 60 seconds, the speed test will present you with your devices results.

Your results will be presented in three stats which are all related to your internet connection speed:

  • Ping – also known as latency stands for the number of milliseconds it takes for you to receive a response after sending a request to a server. The lower this number then the faster your connection is to that server. This is extremely important when playing online video games as high ping results will cause the game to lag.
  • Download speed – is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and is how fast your computer can retrieve data from remote servers. The higher your download speed then the quicker you will be able to browse the internet, download files and stream videos.
  • Upload speed – is also measured in Mbps and is how fast your computer can send data to other devices on the internet. The faster upload speed then the quicker you can perform tasks such as uploading files to a website. This number is usually less than the download speed since most online activity revolves around downloads.


In order to speed up the internet you can try to close applications which are Network-Heavy.

If one program is heavily using the network then other applications will suffer, so when experiencing slow network speeds check to see what apps are using your network connection and close them down if necessary.

To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager then click more details to expand the window if required. Within the Processes tab click the Network header to sort running apps by their network usage.

If any unnecessary program is using excessive bandwidth then you should close it down in order to free up resources for the applications, you require. This is especially important if you want to perform a network-intensive activity like playing online games or video streaming.


Some common network culprits include:

  • Cloud storage services like Dropbox syncing many files.
  • Torrent software.
  • Files downloading in your browser.
  • Video Streaming, especially in 4K or HD.

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