8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Digital Restaurant Menu

Among all the industries that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry (including hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, pubs, clubs, and lounges) has taken the hardest hit. As of now, we are not entirely certain of what the industry will look like post-COVID-19. However, many restaurant and hotel owners are working hard to find solutions that will put their businesses in a position to stay strong and recover quickly once the crisis subsides.

What IT security least should your organization meet?

If you’re a small business owner or manager of a bigger company, you’re constantly bombarded with totally different demands or recommendations regarding what your business should or shouldn’t do. Like accounting system, attendance system or whole security system for monitoring cyber threats. However is this really necessary?

What is Phishing and why is it a problem?

Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails and websites. Phishing is a cyber-attack that uses a disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need, such as a request from their bank or a note from someone in their company requesting to click a link or download an attachment.

Euracare Flight & Shelter

EU Qreg Intellope

Recentemente Intellope ha sviluppato un’applicazione che consente di accelerare il processo di registrazione delle persone, in caso di disastri naturali o situazioni di emergenza.

Be aware of Facebook Data Leak

By any chance if you are a member of any group in Facebook, your personal data might be inappropriately accessed by more than 100 app developers.